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Christian singles need look no further than one of the more established and trusted Christian faith dating sites available online.  If you are looking to meet like minded Christians for friendship, relationships, marriage or fun, this faith based dating site has been connecting people since 1996.  The site offers free browsing of photos and profiles and members get a full suite of chat rooms, photo galleries and private email boxes for communication. is a long established religious dating site that has built a trustworthy reputation over time.

christianminglereviews ChristianMingle.comA popular Christian singles site, offers a singles database of high quality, educated, attractive singles that share the Christian faith and a desire to meet interesting people for friendship or a relationship.  Church going singles are offered a search function capable of connecting you with many local christians and churches.

The matchmaking system for allows you to refine your search based on physical characteristics, education, location, age etc., and you can pinpoint the personality of the singles you like by reading their character revealing essays on topics such as past relationships, ideal first dates, and what your Christian Faith means to you.

Special Offer - offers a free trial to browse photos of local singles and decide if this dating site is right for you.  Standard subscriptions enable email and messaging starting as low as $10.49 per month.  21/aug/2009

Good Dating Site Features

  • has a simple, easy to navigate site design.
  • Excellent number of local singles and our dating site review team was able to find multiple matches in small towns as well as large cities in the US.
  • Competitively priced subscription plan that is less monthly than the average for singles dating sites.
  • Free member sign-up to browse singles in your area.
  • Clean easy to navigate site design, with 24/7 Customer Service availability.

Bad Dating Site Features

  • A somewhat outdated design that is less polished than more modern singles dating sites available.
  • To send or recieve emails is restricted to subscribers, starting as low as $10.49 per month for the full suite of dating services.
  • Our review team found the color coded personality matrix for character matching not as sophisticated and helpful as it could be.

24 Customer Reviews

  • Overall Site Review44444
    Singles Matching System44444
    Sexy Singles Meter44444
    Dating Site Features44444
    Review of Costs44444
    Find Love Rating44444

    I’ve been using Christian Mingle consistently for many months now. I’ve met a few local christian singles in my area and have really enjoyed the relationships I’ve been able to create. I was a little wary at first but now I’m hooked and think this is a great starting point for people looking to date.

  • Beware of which markets itself as having a distinctly Christian focus, but it is not evident in its business practice. Two weeks after paying $75 to join, my son was locked out of access to his account because he made an innocent mistake creating his user name. The company does not make itself readily accessible by any means except email.

    We are pretty techno-savvy but were unable to locate a phone number or physical address for, so we googled the parent company Spark Networks, called their Beverly Hills headquarters at 1-323-658-3000, and spoke to guy named Tyler who was nice but wouldn’t help. More googling found the name and number of Steve Burton, Director of Customer Support at 1-888-854-3803 mail or mail him at Spark Networks, PO Box 739, Orem UT 84059-0739. Spent 2 hours and long-distance charges with no satisfactory resolution — Mike at the 888 Customer Support number finally offered to reactive access to account so we can see their member support phone number. Mike agreed that the site has issues the company won’t correct. The company refuses to reactive the account with an acceptable user name, or to acknowledge that their phone number appears on the site only for members with account access, or the security issue presented by showing the specific church a user attends. Will update review if company shows any interest in providing minimal support for so-called premium “service”.

  • Overall Site Review33333
    Singles Matching System22222
    Sexy Singles Meter55555
    Dating Site Features55555
    Review of Costs11111
    Find Love Rating55555

    wanting a good christian woman.

  • i tried to sigh up for christian mingel and all that happened was ) all i got was ton’s of spam in my email .

  • It is a shame that I can not talk to anyone on this site…I can not afford spending that kind of money. I know there is someone out there looking for a good Christian woman but how can I communicate with them if I have to pay to talk to them?? I just can not afford it…I am not working, lost my job due to injury, my so call man walked out on me and I am barely making it now…but the good Lord will provide for me, he always has…I just wanted to let you know my feelings on charging…It is way to high for me…thank you for listening..

  • I signed up for this and had someone communicate with me who I thought as a real person … after two messages, they asked me to purchase $4600 work of software for them. Nothing but lies, deceit and scams … so much for someone who said they were walking in the path of Christ.

  • I had free membership,but found it worthless. The membership doesn’t let you respond unless you pay for a membership. So, it is lie a lure.

  • Overall Site Review22222
    Singles Matching System11111
    Sexy Singles Meter11111
    Dating Site Features11111
    Review of Costs11111
    Find Love Rating11111

    I just signed a trial/free membership, completed my Profile….
    Suddenly, I cannot sign in to my new account. I’ve gone back/forth with their “service” dept. via email several times. No improvement. Their suggestions to clear my cache did not work. Nothing has worked. So…my new CM “profile” sits there, unattended, because of a site issue they can’t seem to fix.

  • Just wondering if the ChristianMingle operation is a Mormon owned & operated company since the Customer Support address is in Orem, Utah. Anyone know?

  • Overall Site Review22222
    Singles Matching System22222
    Sexy Singles Meter11111
    Dating Site Features22222
    Review of Costs22222
    Find Love Rating11111

    I am extremely disappointed with Christian Mingle. It is definately NOT worth the money and they do NOT honor their refund policy if you change your mind within 3 days. The sight does NOT match according to criteria and I received “matches” from other states which was NOT within my criteria.

  • You should always be leery of any company whose commercials imply that God wants you to join them. You should also be leery of any company who uses deceptive advertising, such as making it sound free, and especially when they purport to be Christian.

  • I became a member on August 21, 2011. On the following date I attempted tolongin to my account but could not do so. I made several request to have this problem resolved. Up to this day no one has respond to my request. I’ve paid my money but is not getting any service.Someone please help me out.

  • just signed a trial/free membership, completed my Profile….
    Suddenly, I cannot sign in to my new account. I’ve gone back/forth with their “service” dept. via email several times. No improvement. Their suggestions to clear my cache did not work. Nothing has worked. So…my new CM “profile” sits there, unattended, because of a site issue they can’t seem to fix.

  • I became a member last year, met someone on Christian Mingle in January and July we were married – best testing options about belief system and personality that I had experienced in my online dating experiences, and BEST HUSBAND EVER.

  • I join CM last week , so i made payment yesterday, and i cannot access my profile gain , they already charge my CARD . what a mess.

  • I signed up with christian mingle and enjoyed there free access for a week. As soon as i upgraded and paid them i’ve not been able to log on to my acct. After numerous e-mails and attempts to contact someone, there has been nothing. I can’t believe i’ve been taken again by someone claiming to be christian.

  • Each time I watch an ad for Christian Mingle, I am offended. God has absolutely nothing to do with this, or any other dating site. I hate it when people use God/Christianity/Jesus to market products or services. “Find God’s Match for you” is total crap and Spark Network should be ashamed!

  • Overall Site Review55555
    Singles Matching System55555
    Sexy Singles Meter55555
    Dating Site Features55555
    Review of Costs55555
    Find Love Rating55555

    I’m shocked at all the negative feedback. Maybe something has changed? I found my met my current husband with CM.. I couldn’t be more grateful.

  • Horrible waste of money. Uneducated people. Christian mingle is sneaky about taking money out of a person’s account, without authorization!

  • I did met a female on this website. i thought lying was a sin so much for christian. when i met her at a public place she was about 300 pounds more then she said. now that i think of it, it makes sense why she wanted to meet at a krispy kreme donut. during our so-called date she went through 9 cream sticks . she excused herself to use the bathroom to take a dump which stunk up the whole shop. as she exited the bathroom she cut the loude
    st fart i have ever heard. the store employlee called the police to escort us out of the store. this was the most embarssing time i ever had. DONT USE THIS WEBSITE

  • I just joined Christian mingle and got a profile view from someone I was interested in and now I can’t talk to him because I have to pay a buttload of money just to read my mail yea I don’t like that all.

  • After I set up my profile and paid them, Christian Mingles flagged my account as fraudulent without bothering to tell me. I thought I had a password issue and followed their online instructions for password resets since they have no live people to call on any phone number listed anywhere. It didn’t work, but then further instruction said to wait a few hours incase it had been locked out – still didn’t work. I e-mailed them and that was when I was simply informed it was closed and that if I wanted an account I would have to go through the effort of faxing or scanning a bank statement with my current address- credit card was valid and charge went through just fine. Lovely – weren’t even going to bother to tell me. Two thumbs down for these people who hide behind e-mail addresses but don’t even put a phone number for customer service.

  • Christian Mingle should completely be gone. I agree with most comments posted on this page. They offer free membership (false publicity)- once you create your profile/account, you start to get matches. However, the im feature does not work unless you upgrade, in other words, once you pay for a membership. They only allow you to use their features like e-mail or send a smile, etc., up to about three times, that’s it. So, you ended up frustrated after all the time you invested creating your profile so most likely, you will pay for a membership because there may be a match that you really like and can only communicate if you become a member (pay). Once you pay, you can start interacting with your matches for about 5 hours. At that time, you stop receiving matches and e-mail notifications. You’re signed out and then you try to log in and you get a message saying that your login is invalid. You click on the link to re-set your password and you’re sent a link to click and create a new password. It does not work even if you attempt several times. Also, somewhere it says that the new password will become active within two hours, wow. Christian Mingle does not have a phone listed on their site. All is through e-mail. They state something like “we hate having you wait on the phone so choose a topic from below and e-mail us.” They state their customer service is 24/7. Nothing but a lie. It appears that they have no cs stuff. I had to write several e-mails to Christian Mingle to get a response after almost a day. I wrote in my e-mail that their way of conducting biz was not ethical and challenged them with how they entice audiences and failed to deliver. Christian Mingle lacks of fear of God, they take advantage of Christianity (as mentioned in one of the comments above) to attract people. Their mission reads great when in reality Christian Mingle is out of line with the word of God. One of their test involves a series of questions and one of them is “how often would you like to have sex with your partner” – that’s just horrible. Also, you specifically define your search and it delivers unwanted results. Also, it allows for members to use ridiculous names, so not Christian like. All they care about is your money. I am not saying that there are not truly nice people on the site, I am sure there are. However, you never know about the rest. Christian Mingle claims to be the largest Christian online dating services by 5 million or so. Another lie. Before they locked my account, I would see members online during night and weekends at no higher than 7,000 members. If there is a lawyer or lawyers out there who would like to make a difference in this world, I would challenge you to sue this company. We don’t need more evil in this world. I encourage all who have had bad experiences with Christian Mingle to post their comments on as many sites as possible, even create articles and send them to newspapers. There is so much we can do, I invite you to take a stand in the name of Jesus Christ. Blessings to all.

  • Overall Site Review11111
    Singles Matching System11111
    Sexy Singles Meter11111
    Dating Site Features11111
    Review of Costs11111
    Find Love Rating11111

    VERY disappointed!!!
    Too many profiles: without pictures; out of age range; long distance. No ability to delete those not interested in. Not renewing.

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