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Looking for Jewish singles online?  JDate is the top faith based dating site for jewish singles with over 600,000 active singles and averaging over 10,000 singles online at any given time.  The high quality membership database includes local Jewish singles in all the major US cities and a nearly even ratio of men to women.

The available Jewish singles that can be found on JDate are well educated, sexy, and affluent, and it is not difficult to find an attractive and interesting partner with the easy to use, traditional singles dating site features such as chat, winks, and instant messaging.  You can look for Jewish singles based on how often they go to Synagogue, or by more traditional online dating criteria.

jdate review JDateThough a Jewish faith based dating site, the membership is very diverse, and you can find singles that attend temple, keep the faith, and some that follow different practices.

JDate has become a Jewish foundation community and one can search by ethnicity including, Ashkenazi and Sephardic, or by faith Orthodox, Hassidic, Conservative, Modern Orthodox, Reform and Secular.  Members share a foundation of similar faith and culture, but that is only the starting point as members look to make new friends, meet business contacts and find love.

Special Offer - JDate offers a standard subscription plan that is a value with a 6 month subscription at $19.99 a month, and for an additional $2 a month you can feature your profile to really increase the success rate of your Jewish singles search.  21/aug/2009

Good Dating Site Features

  • JDate offers one of the best member ratios available with male singles and female singles in a dead heat.
  • Upgrade features enable you to feature your singles profile for more visibility.
  • Our review staff found the quality of single members to be very high.
  • The dating site features a easy to use instant message system that can make keeping in contact with your chosen singles easy.

Bad Dating Site Features

  • Our singles dating review staff found the highest concentration of members in the big cities, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago etc., and some rural areas have fewer local singles than we would have liked.


6 Customer Reviews

  • Overall Site Review44444
    Singles Matching System44444
    Sexy Singles Meter44444
    Dating Site Features44444
    Review of Costs22222
    Find Love Rating55555

    I’m dating someone right now that I met on JDate, it’s my third relationship in total from girls I’ve met online here, maybe this one will last.

  • Overall Site Review55555
    Singles Matching System44444
    Sexy Singles Meter55555
    Dating Site Features55555
    Review of Costs22222
    Find Love Rating55555

    I’m not much for pay sites for singles dating, but I have used Jdate in the past successfully and found their support satisfactory…

  • Overall Site Review11111
    Singles Matching System22222
    Sexy Singles Meter22222
    Dating Site Features11111
    Review of Costs11111
    Find Love Rating22222

    This review sounds a lot like a blatant advertisement for the site. In general, the site has a great concept, but is poor in terms of execution.

    It’s a very generic dating site with a “Jewish” spin to it. The matching engine is very inefficient where people can match on practically anything, yet very few people reply to messages. To make things worse, the site seems to keep records of people who have not been on for months on end so it defeats the purpose of actually trying to match with someone, especially if they are no longer active.

    I guess I will go try Match or eHarmony because this site is just a waste of time and energy.

  • Beware ……….they made my charge recurring automatically. Thankfully, I paid with credit card through pay pal and was able to access my pay pal account and cancel the profile for the automatic charges without trying to contact the site and get corrected, which I understand is next to impossible. By the way……I Did Not sign up for automatic charges. Deceptive practices…..watch out!!!

  • Overall Site Review11111
    Singles Matching System33333
    Sexy Singles Meter44444
    Dating Site Features44444
    Review of Costs11111
    Find Love Rating22222

    Signed up for membership and found out that the charges to my pay pal account were automatically recurring. Not what I subscribed to at all. Was able to go to pay pal account and cancel profile for the charges to j date. Deceptive practices for sure. Beware!

  • Overall Site Review11111
    Singles Matching System11111
    Sexy Singles Meter11111
    Dating Site Features11111
    Review of Costs11111
    Find Love Rating11111

    Is there an option for -1? not trying to be funny or a sarcastic passimist. In response to those who wrote that OUR negative exprience with the JDATE is due to our lack of success in finding our match, I Have to say that I did found the love of my life here, but it was not becasue of Jdate, but it was due to my own deligence and Gods will. Jdate is a money scam and assumes FAKE IDENTITY. You can not expect Jews to marry only Jews and write thousands of articles and books about the dangers of intermarriag, …., and yet continue running a web site that not only RUB PEOPLE OF THEIR MONEY, but also does not fulfill its very fundamental promise which is facilating JEWSH singles to meet other “Jewish” singles. There are many non-jews on the site which I have no problem with , but WHATS the POINT? There are other much better designed dating sites out there that do the better job that Jdate.

    Jdate disrespect its members . In other words, you can not throw thousands of hopeful singles ( some crazy and some like many of us, attractive, educated and emotionaly stable) in one site, and leave them alone. You need to monitor ( or at least try) the intention of members at least by conducting initial interview ( phone interview). Then you need to enforce certain ground rules. Yes , it is not a high school, but it is a site that many of us take seriously and rely on in doing finding a jewish mate.

    Jdate is not providing any SERVICE for its members. In fact, it is inflicting harmful and emotional pain for many jewish singles who after negative expreince with JDATE, refuse to marry jews.

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